• пространство для разговора о новой музыке и культурном процессе вокруг неё


The guest of the first dialogue is the curator, composer, and percussionist Serge Vuille, artistic director of the Contrechamps ensemble. The interviewer is Christina Aharonyan, musicologist, project curator, one of the creators and editors of the Stravinsky.online website.

The guest of the second dialogue is the composer, performer, improviser, visual artist Charlotte Hug. The interviewer is Alexandra Persheeva, PhD in art history, researcher, filmmaker, video artist, head of the art history department at the Higher School of Economics Art and Design School.

The guest of the third dialogue is a percussionist, composer, performer, founder and the artistic director of Klangbox and dansl'Jardin Pascal Viglino. The interviewer is Tatiana Yakovleva, a musicologist, music journalist, curator, lecturer, the teacher of the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.

The guest of the fourth dialogue is a composer, double bassist, improviser and the head and coordinator of contemporary music/sonic space basel at the Hochschule für Musik Basel/FHNW Uli Fussenegger. The interviewer is Miroslava Tyrina, a music journalist, curator, Stravinsky.online editor, Geometry of sound soloist.

The guest of the fifth dialogue is a composer, media artist, performer and artistic co-director of Ensemble Lemniscate Andreas Eduardo Frank. The interviewer is Alexandra Lokteva, a musicologist, an editor of Stravinsky.online and a curator of "Dialogues", the administrator of the Studio for New Music ensemble and a junior researcher at the Center for Contemporary Music of the Moscow Conservatory.

The guest of the sixth episode of "Dialogues" is Anja Wernicke, a music project manager, playwright, the head of the ZeitRäume Basel festival. The interview is conducted by a musicologist, editor of Stravinsky.online and the Great Russian Encyclopedia Zhanna Savitskaya.

The guest of this issue is a violinist, composer and the artistic director of Camerata Variabile Basel Helena Winkelman. The interviewer is a performer, curator and the founder and a soloist of the Kymatic ensemble Alina Petrova.

The guest of this issue is a composer and co-director of Ensemble Lemniscate Ricardo Eizirik. The interviewer is a performer, conductor, choirmaster, editor of Stravinsky.online and Stravinsky's Dialogues: Switzerland project Tamina Tedeeva.